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GMAT Decimals

by ejkiv

July 18, 2015

 This section is here to prevent you from making mistakes on the exam.  GMAT Decimals will help you with estimation when searching for answer choices and help with timing by finding easier paths to the solution.

First things First: Make flashcards of the following and memorize them!

 Ahem!  Seriously.  Go make Flash Cards!

The only numbers you do not really have to know are the fractions with 7 as a denominator, but might as well be safe.

Why are you memorizing all of these fractions?

    1. People make countless errors when doing math with decimals
    2. The math is easier with fractions
    3. You will see solutions to problems you did not see before.

Every decimal you come across on the GMAT can be turned into a fraction.  Most of the time, you will be able to use your knowledge of the fractions above to move between fractions and decimals.  However, what do you do when the number is not a multiple of the above fractions, or you can’t see the connection? It is this easy.  Just follow these few simple steps:

    1. Count the numbers to the right of the decimal
    2. Get rid of the decimal - You now have the numerator
    3. The denominator will start with a 1 and then have as many zeros as you counted numbers in step 1.



    1. There are 4 numbers
    2. 1234 is now the numerator
    3. 10,000 is the denominator

Once you have your fraction, you may need to reduce it using the techniques previously discussed.

It will also be helpful to be able to know the names of the digits places in a decimal.


1 - this is thousands digit
2 - this is the hundreds digit
3 - this is the tens digit
4 - this is the ones digit
5 - this is the tenths digit
6 - this is the hundredths digit
7 - this is the thousandths digit


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