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GMAT Quantitative Review

by ejkiv

July 16, 2015

Welcome to our GMAT quantitative review.  We have include some fantastic material on our website for absolutely free. We thought it would be helpful to get some of the basics out in the open so that you know exactly what to expect come exam day.  Of course, for a more comprehensive overview, we recommend our Complete GMAT Quantitative Guide and our GMAT math course. <a href="/posts/gmat-number-properties">GMAT Number Properties</a> This is the foundational set of information on the ex...

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GMAT Study Plan

by ejkiv

July 10, 2015

There is no GMAT study plan that is exactly right for everyone. Each individual is different. Different goals, different abilities, different amounts of study time, and the list goes on. What is important for any GMAT hopeful is to make sure that you cover all of the material that is on the exam. Sounds simple, but without an organized study guide this can be quite difficult. You also, need to be flexible. In the years I have spent preparing people for the exam, I have seen just about e...

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