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The Best GMAT Prep Course - at least we think so!

by ejkiv

August 11, 2015

What Makes for the Best GMAT Prep Course

Well, this may be a little shameless, but we wanted to share with you why we think that we have the best gmat prep course around. This is not to discount some of the other top prep companies; they actually have a lot of great material and great instructors. Where we feel we differentiate ourselves is in our ability to pinpoint your weaknesses. Our educational platform was built with modern technology that allows for personalization in a course that other models are just not capable of doing. Here are a few things that we do differently that separate us from some of the traditional models.

Unique Study Plan

While at the core every quality GMAT prep course has to cover all of the material, the time that you spend on various sections should vary with each student. We take a look at each of your responses to each of the questions you approach and compare that with every other student that has taken our course (and there are a lot of those). This gives us a clear sense of your ability and which sections you need to improve upon to reach your goal. Yes, your target score matters. We carefully look at what you have done and where you want to end up - different data points will give you a different study plan and ultimately the best gmat prep course for you.

Multiple Content Mediums

Everyone learns differently, and ultimately different mediums resonate differently with different people. Usually it takes several different pieces of content for you to completely grasp all of the material. This is why all of our GMAT material contains text and video lessons and explanations. We also have hundreds upon hundreds of ‘digital flip books’ that are hand written solutions to problems so that you can see exactly what you would need to write on you paper to get to a solution quickly.

In Depth Question Categorization

This may not seem obvious to even the most well-versed GMAT hopeful, but a lot of the content is bucketed in large categories. While we absolutely identify these categories on the exam, our content digs 2 and sometimes 3 layers of categories below the high level categories that most programs will give you. But we do not stop there. We offer the ability to quickly and easily find questions that are related to other questions so that you can understand the foundation of the exam and the patterns that occur. This categorization is something that simply has not been done elsewhere and what we feel our biggest asset is for any GMAT study program.

Don’t take our word for it though, try our product for free.


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